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Meet Him Before Hank Eats Him

Serge has written some stuff over on Babble that you should check out if you've got some time to kill. And maybe not even if you have time to kill. Maybe you should add it to your Things To Do, because you need more Things To Do, right? Right!

Working From Home - In this post Serge runs down how we organize our days and the whole writing from home while two toddlers throw toys at your head and try to abscond with your laptop kind of deal. And he shows you a picture of where all the magic happens. No, not the bedroom, silly. Have you not been reading this blog? His "office".

First Week of Survival Tips For New Dads - This one almost makes me want to have another kid with the dude. If he takes his own advice, that is.

A New Kind of Wake Up Call - In this post you'll see the weirdest video you've ever seen, except maybe the one I told you to watch yesterday about the lady who taught her cat to eat with chopsticks and if you haven't watched it yet you should GO WATCH IT RIGHT NOW. But anyway, my kids are obsessed with this insane video featuring cows and it's all Serge's fault.

If you haven't read this you totally should because it's so sweet and it's about MEEEEEE. I like things about me. Nice things, I mean.

Oh and hey! If you want to listen to Serge's segment on the radio yesterday you can listen to it by clicking here.

Finding Fishley - And finally, in addition to the two kids, two dogs and now two cats up in our hizzy, we also have a new family member of the aquatic variety. Meet him! Before Henry eats him!