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From The Parenting 'Hood

I'm doing the Top Tweets 'O' The Week again over on Strollerderby. Man, there are some funny motherfuckers on Twitter, y'all. Folks that can make me feel better about parenting in 140 characters than if I just read some brilliant thousand word essay.

Until you wake up to a young child's silhouette blankly staring at you in the darkness, you know nothing of fear.

Kids look so surprised when you bite them after they bit you.

If you think those are funny click on over and check out the latest two editions.

Dispatches From The Parent Hood: Top Tweets 'O' The Week

Dispatches From The Parent Hood: Top Tweets 'O' The Week

It's the end of the month so I'm trying to throw a bunch of stuff I wrote, that I haven't linked, at you... There are a couple new stories over there in the sidebar to the right... Or you can just click here and see everything I've written on Strollerderby this month. You know, if you've got some time to kill while at work or whatever... The comments on this article take the cake, however. I got called delusional, told I have an inferiority complex, that I'm jealous of Barbie but the very best one:

I think it is very sad how people wont quit being mentally ill. Its sad how barbie cant just be what she is, which is a toy, without people trying to add their feelings to everything. So what if Barbie is a doll of a pretty lady. Yes Barbie is pretty for a toy whether people like it or not. Would playing with an obese Barbie make you feel better. I hate how people get jealous of beauty. I actually hate how this world is full of handicap people who cant stop worshipping. Quit trying to tell people what they do and dont like. Its very mentally ill how just because a girl thinks Barbie is a pretty doll and they want to play with it you will get mad. You are just trying to get your daughter to have low self esteme and teach your daughters to be bigotted about beauty. I think you need to quit trying to make your daughter be you and let her choose if she likes a toy or not. Its sad how we all only get 1 shot at life, 1 chance to get to know everybody and appriciate their company but you cant because people and their stupid fillings , oppinions.

God, I totally agree! I too think it's very sad how people won't quit being mentally ill.