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Strawberry Firetails

We've been landscaping our tiny bit of front yard. Landscaping is probably too grand a word for what we're doing - throwing in a couple perennials that we just need to water and watch grow, but we've been really intense about the whole thing; debating the full height and width of certain plants, how they will look together, how close to the house we can plant them. Seriously, hours of discussion in the aisles of Home Depot, other nurseries and on our front porch. Which is fine because it's nice to have a project but I think we got a bit carried away because, in the end, we wore ourselves out and were like fuck it, just put the sunovabitches in the ground somewhere..

Because summer is over the woman at the nursery near our home was nearly giving away her hanging plants so I got this one for a song. I love it. Serge thinks it looks like something that belongs in a house from the seventies, perhaps sitting on an orange macrame that hangs above some really excellent shag green carpeting?

Eh, whatever. I dig it.