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Fridge Psychology

Certainly what is inside your refrigerator says a lot about your family.

Crammed with junk? Sporting soy milk and Tofurkey? Neatly organized condiments or a jumble of bottles with their contents crustified around the spout?

Just as you can learn a lot about someone by sneaking a peek into their medicine cabinet (fungus cream?! what's this for?) you can learn just as much, or more, by their refrigerator. Not just the inside, but the outside too. A new study says the state of your refrigerator door is usually a strong indicator of how you run your home.

I asked my Facebook friends to submit photos of their fridges (no straightening or organizing!) and they responded. Click on over to The Way We Live: What Your Fridge Door Says About Your Family to see what your fridge says about you, plus I'll show you what my fridge looks like now and before I won The Magnet Battle with Serge.