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My Favorite Photos From 2012

Every now and again, when I see a really nice family photo someone has posted, a photo not too hey-we're-just-your-average-family-hanging-around-on-a-sofa-in-an-orchard, I wonder if maybe I should pay a pro to take some really nice photos of our family.

And then I promptly forget about it because I just don't see that many professional family photos that rock my world. Most of 'em look like this:

The demim. My God, the denim. But I'll be damned if I've got anything negative to say about the dog. I think it's obvious, Spliffer nailed it.

But listen you with the enormous portrait of your family walking down railroad tracks in color coordinated outfits, your photo isn't much better. But that's just me. If that's how you want to remember your family I'm all for it.

What works for me is photos taken throughout the year on my little Canon point and shoot. Over on Babble I compiled my favorite photos from 2012 to prove you don't need a million dollar camera or even a professional photographer to capture your memories for you. I want to remember us just as we are and not some slicked up, super staged version of us frolicking in a meadow somewhere. Okay, maybe some frolicking. But not in a meadow. More like wrestling. In a park.

What about you? How do you roll? A pro photo shoot? You're own expensive camera? Or, like me, do you rock a a cheap ass camera and do a little editing on the back end to tweak the results a bit? If you feel like it, let me know in the comments over on He Said/She Said.

Also, no more Babble links for a while, I swear. Just had some catching up to do! Happy New Year! Hope your hangover wasn't too brutal. I was in bed by eight. Such is the thrilling life of a tired-ass mom.