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They're Baack

Seriously? Was it really that fucking hard, Billy? No water after midnight. One rule. And still, you jack that up. Now I'm stuck with a lifetime of Spike nightmares.

But Spike? He's nothing compared to a few seconds of movie viewing that has forever altered my DNA. Who didn’t sleep in their parent’s bed for weeks after watching Poltergeist with your big brother when your parents were gone? Just me? Doubt it. That clown (Don’t ‘what clown?’ me. You know what clown) has inspired a worldwide terror of clowns that pretty much rendered clown parties obsolete. Clowns in cartoons, movies, theme parks and TV shows should be discontinued FOREVER.

From the acid trip to end all acid trips courtesy of that sadist, Willy Wonka, to a "Child Catcher" that makes Freddy Kruger look silly, here are the Top 25 Scariest Characters From Your Childhood. Unless you're like, twenty, in which case, what are you doing here?

Happy Friday, everybody!