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Might I Direct Your Attention Thataway?

Couple small items of housekeeping. Firstly, yesterday was the one year anniversary of our house fire. Serge wrote a piece on Thunder Pie that is currently on The Huffington Post. He wrote a second post on Babble more specifically thanking those of you who sent messages, kind thoughts, coats, gift cards and money our way in the wake of the fire. Although he comes close, words can never really articulate what that meant to us during such a terrible time.

As for me? I've been thrilled to recently experience the joy of a parenting moment entirely unexpected on my part.

Violet was not exactly thrilled about Henry’s arrival. She expressed a cursory curiosity and then concerned herself with more important things, namely, stop messing around with that kid and play with me! And it wasn’t so much that she ignored him – that actually would’ve been preferable to an annoyance that manifested itself in her frequently lashing out at the poor, defenseless babe.

When he was old enough to toddle into her area of play and abscond with one of her toys she would palm his little noggin and spike it to the hardwood floor, much like a football player upon successfully reaching the end zone with the ball.

If you want to keep reading Sibling Unrivalry and view photographic proof of that about which I yak you know what to do.

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