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Old, New, Borrowed and What?

Me being all traditional and stuff while serving as bridesmaid at my best friend's
wedding in 2004. This was 10 days after I met Serge, two days before I drove maniacally to Texas to track him down, six weeks before our own wedding.

Weddings are strange affairs. Most of us have either starred in one, been a part of one, or attended one. We probably all did a bunch of weird shit in the name of wedding fun that we had no idea why we did. Don't see the bride or groom before the wedding! Old, new, borrowed and blue. Did you have a white wedding dress? Why not blue, it is your best color, after all. White washes you out! Did you walk down an aisle toward your groom? Did your dad give you away? Did someone tie shoes or cans to your bumper? Did you catch the bouquet the bride tossed? Did you toss rice or birdseed at the newlyweds?

Any idea why you did all this stuff?

Turns out, all this wedding wackiness is steeped in history. You know history. When they thought the world was flat an, kidnapped their wives and had slaves and stuff. What I'm saying is, the reasons we do a lot of this wedding stuff are pretty lame. But, you know, TRADITION.

Check out Old, New Borrowed & Blue: Bizarre Origins Behind Popular Wedding Traditions.