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Housekeeping: I Broke My Blog

So basically I do all the stuff on this blog by myself. I taught myself coding and HTML and all that wacky computer stuff and then I jimmy with it all until the blog looks okay. That's pretty obvious by looking around the joint. Nothing professional going on here, folks! In fact, I fully expect the whole blog to explode and I'll lose everything I've ever written, at some point. But, whatever.

Anyway, when I redesigned the site I ruined the RSS feed somehow. Typical me. I'm good at ruining things, just ask Serge. Which, shit. You spend all these years building up subscribers and then POOF. You inadvertently blow them off. Again, typical me. I am pretty upset. I lost thousands of subscribers.

So, if you were one of the thousands who subscribe to The Girl Who you might have noticed you don't get my feed anymore. Or maybe you didn't notice. Maybe I was never really that important to you in the first place. Maybe, like Katy June over on GOMI (who won't take my calls!) you hate me now. But maybe, just maybe you still enjoy reading about my mustache hairs and marital strife and wondering to yourself if maybe Monica really is cuckoo (yes!) so then you might want to scroll down to the right hand side of the blog over there and subscribe to The Girl Who again. Sorry about that. I'm an idiot and know not what I do most of the time.

You can also click this link to subscribe. I think. Don't hold me to that. I can only learn so much computer crap before my brain is full up. Also, in case you didn't notice, a winner of the very stylish Long Duk Dong T-shirt has been announced. I'll be back later today with some exciting news!!!