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Passing The Torch

Sometimes I forget that Serge can play the harmonica the way he does. It's awesome. Seriously. Harmonica dudes are just as hot as guitar dudes, which Serge can also play by the way. In fact, Serge's harmonica action in this video totally just made me hot.

But that's not my point. We celebrated Henry's birthday over the weekend and his favorite present was a car from Grammy. One of those battery-powered deals the kids drive around in these days. Yeah. When I was two I had a tricycle and kids nowadays are rolling around in mini vehicles. Tooling down neighborhood streets, cruising for other toddlers. Crazy stuff.

But that's still not my point. Henry's second favorite gift was a harmonica from dad. Here are a couple gratuitous shots of my sweet birthday boy.

What could it be?

A harmonica! Also? Who turned out the lights?

The harmonica torch has been passed.

You can see more photos of my boy here.