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Someone Pooped In The Cupboard!

I've never really given a crap about St. Patrick's Day other than to use it as an excuse to drink beer for no good reason. But I do that most days, I don't need a holiday.

This year, for some reason, I was feeling festive. As a result of my hype, I'm shocked at how stoked my kids are about a holiday that meant nothing to me when I was growing up. To me, St. Patrick's Day was the Lindsay Lohan of all the holidays. Like, why are you still here, St. Partick's Day? Nobody cares! Go away already! You will never, ever be Christmas. You can't even touch Easter and all the shitty candy handed out in baskets. Fourth of July? Forget about it. Not even close. At least some people get Labor Day off work but what do you do, St. Patrick's Day. WHAT DO YOU DO?

So my kids. They are obsessed with all things green. We kicked off leprechaun shenanigans on Friday, which was the day Violet's pre-school celebrated, and we haven't stopped. So far I think the sneaky leprechaun in our house has peed in the toilet (food coloring) three times, and even left a scrap of clothing behind (bit of paper towel with green food coloring.) We found a bit of his shoe sole (lime peel) on the counter, he colored our milk and biscuits green and pooped in the cupboard. Well, Serge crunched up a cracker and dotted it with green food coloring, thinking we'd tell the kids the leprechaun had obviously been snacking in the cupboard but when Violet discovered the green cracker bits she promptly declared them to be leprechaun poop. Okay then.

If you feel like getting festive for St. Paddy's Day you can do so for a few dollars. Literally, a few dollars. Here are 15 fun things you can do with your kids using stuff that's probably already in your house right now.

One more thing. Don't forget food coloring is kinda hard to get off your hands and you absolutely don't want to be caught green-handed, especially by the older kids. Oh, and if your kid spots your food coloring bottle and asks what it is just tell them the leprechaun must've left behind his drink. That's why his pee is green, you know?