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Seconds of Today

Technically, this is seconds of last month. But it's worth posting, I think. Because we can play Spot The Dog Puke! Like Where's Waldo but with vomit! Don't worry. It's not all that gross. I wouldn't subject you to that kind of overshare. I prefer overshares about my marriage and sex life. So no worries! It's so quick you might not even spot it. I spotted it right away, of course. But I'm a well-trained, expert dog puke spotter in spite of Max's penchant for craftily hiding his business - or perhaps because of it. Serge, who is behind the camera, totally missed it. But see, now I've probably ruined the video for you. You'll be so busy looking for dog puke (even though you don't really want to see it) that you'll miss the little pirate. My advice: enjoy the pirate, don't look for the puke... Which actually kind of applies to marriage as well...