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Odds & Ends

"And these kids of mine, of ours, they are our life's work and in a lot of ways they are traveling due East or due West from us even as we stand there, running our fingers through their freshly shampooed hair. Moving ever so slightly toward the front door even as we stand there clenching a pair of outgrown Garanimal shorts on a frozen cloud hanging above our world."

The Huffington Post wanted to republish Serge's blog post: The Pilot On His Frozen Cloud. If you didn't catch it on Thunder Pie you should totally check it out.

Over on MamaPop from yours truly: I want my MTV. I will never get over the network's epic betrayal of my generation. Oh. And some kid from an MTV reality show died.

Speaking of the music of my day, this video of Jonathan Knight walking off stage during a New Kids On The Block concert is so painful to watch for so many reasons. Allow me to explain...