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How I Became a Justin Bieber Fan... Kind Of

Gramps and Violet go for a walk. She insists on calling him Craig or Your Dad. "Would Your Dad like to go for a walk with us?"

My dad's in town so I've been consumed with making him fix stuff in my house being a good hostess and keeping him entertained. Unfortunately, entertaining my dad does not include me sitting on my big ass looking at my computer monitor. I wish it did, believe me. Until I can return to sitting on my can and looking at my monitor please to enjoy my latest MamaPop stuff as a kind of offering...

World Reaction To Justin Bieber's Anne Frank Comment Says More About Us Than Him: Wherein I kind of become a Justin Bieber fan and the shit goes viral. Go figure.

Jada Pinkett-Smith's Grown Ass Marriage: Finally! I have something in common with Hollywood royalty. When's the key party?