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Vintage Vinyl: Fats Domino

When we first moved to Pennsylvania Serge's brother gifted us with a record player and, while in our house, I don't think I've listened to anything but records since then. We've gone through three record players (this is our favorite) so far and it's been well worth the money.

I'm certain the following explanation of listening to records will contain more than a few notes of what sounds like douchetastic snobbery, but that's all right. We all have a few things we're passionate about that likely bore others to tears. But listen, you vinyl virgins, you're missing out!

There's something thrilling about dropping the needle on a record that pushing a button will never give you. Not only that, but you can hear more on vinyl than you can on CD and especially MP3. Sounds counterintuitive but it's not. I won't bore you with the scientific explanation of why vinyl sounds better but, if you want, you can read that here. Basically, the warmth attributed to vinyl is summed up best by Christoph Grote-Beverborg who has produced thousands of records across the spectrum: "with digital audio the resolution is more limited than with analog audio. The same goes for frequency range. But the real thing is what you hear. With vinyl you get a certain kind of saturation and added harmonics that you don’t have with digital. The sound has a body, it’s just more physical."

While that's all well and good, I mostly love the crackling of the needle on vinyl before it hits the tunes. And listening to music should be an experience. Part of that is pulling out the record, putting it on the player and moving over the needle. At least for me it is. We listen to records all day long in our home. We tend toward the older records from the twenties on up, but there is an emerging trend of new records being made. In fact, there are more new records pressed today than anytime since the mid-80s. So you can now get your favorite current music on vinyl. Thrift shops, garage sales, used record stores and even your uncle’s basement are great places to start your vinyl collection.

If vinyl isn't your thing, that's cool. That's not what this is about. Every now and again I just want to highlight some old music that you may not have heard or you may have heard and forgotten about. While I'm a fan of new music trends I tend to spend most of my time listening to Billie Holiday, Sinatra, I like Motown and a lot of music from the fifties. That decade is where it's at, man. The decade rock was born. It ranges from killer Doo-wop to rock and pop so good the Black Eyed Peas should be ashamed of themselves.

First up, a slice from the artist I've been listening to most this month: Fats Domino. While "Ain't That A Shame" is up there, I think my favorite ditty from Fats is "Blueberry Hill." Take a listen.