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Surreal Selfies And Schweddy Balls

Hey there! How are you? Me? Just busy throwing up all over the Internet. Words here, words there, words everywhere! Also a videographer type dude was at our house pointing his camera at me for some fun stuff I can't wait to show you. In the mix of all of this organized chaos Serge and I continue our slutty streak of couples dating. Last weekend, yesterday and today and more weekend stuff ahead. And then the Jersey Shore with friends in two weeks. It's almost like we're a normal sociable couple!

Anyway, would sir or madam care for my aforementioned Internet throw-ups? Couple things I did over on Babble this past week: this Not Just A Girl thing (photo above) was something I stumbled across on Facebook and loved. Contacted the mom who did it and got permission to use her photos on Babble. Click here to see the whole series featuring her daughter and then show it to your daughter.

I have kinda sorta fallen in love with a 14-year-old, but in the nicest possible way. His name is Zev and I found him on Flickr. He takes photographs and his best ones are of himself. I know what you're thinking: why would I want to look at a 14-year-old's selfies? Here's why:

I had this fantastic email correspondence with Zev, which felt a whole lot more like I was talking to an adult because the kid is just beyond... Anyway, you can check out a ton more of Zev's surreal selfies by clicking here.

Over on MamaPop I wrote about my undying love for Alec Baldwin no matter what he does and am interested in hearing who you consider to be your Alec Baldwin. Oh and then there's the little ditty about all the word grenades Violet's been lobbing at innocent bystanders:

H-E-L-P! She is on a mad tear!

What's the most embarrassing thing your kid has ever said to someone? Hit me up in the MamaPop comments after reading them yourself. There be funny shit there. Oh and hey. More and more I'm getting a lot of writing ideas from cool parenting related links you guys send my way on Facebook or Twitter. If you see something you like (photos, blog post, article, funny meme, whatever!) or think it's cool, send it my way so I can write about it on Babble.

P.S. - Next time you see a silly selfie just add spaghetti! You'll never look at selfies the same way again...