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Winners and Losers

Stacy, Hanni and Nicki are now the proud owners of their own Child Safety Sign 360 Degrees. Y'all will be contacted for your address so we can send it to you.

Cecilia (comment #40) will get to choose a swimsuit from Aeropostale for her daughter and commenter 51, Shannon B, will get to pick out a suit for her son. I will be connecting both of you with Aeropostale via email so you can choose your suits! Thanks for the comments and for supporting this site. Got another giveaway coming up next week!

Now for the losers... I'm speaking specifically about the parents who tried to name their baby Mafia No Fear. No, I'm not kidding. Or the parents who think naming a kid Anal is a great idea. You'll be surprised how many people want to name their kid Lucifer but you haven't heard the worst of it yet... Think I'm joking? Check out the newly released list of banned baby names in New Zealand...

If the government has to tell you no you probably shouldn't be having kids...