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A Grown Man Runs From Love

Serge and I take a lot of shit for putting our relationship up for inspection on the Internet and, for the most part, we're okay with that. We don't pretend to be anything we're not. If you perceive that as us being on the verge of divorce you'd be wrong and if you perceive that as us being the greatest most hilarious couple around you'd be wrong too. But whether you come away from us thinking 'Daaaamn, they're a mess' and feeling a whole lot better about your relationship or praising the good lord that you and your mate aren't the only dysfunctional asshole couple out there, we think it's a win.

We're just us. We fight. We laugh. We have a lot of ups and a lot of downs and we've also seen a lot of couples who seemed stronger than us crumble apart so we figure that, with our nine year anniversary around the corner and a third kid on the way, we're doing something right.

The other day Serge wrote this thing that kind of broke my heart but also made me happy as hell. It's just so fucking honest that it's hard not to appreciate that I have a good guy who is always thinking and has an ability to step outside himself, assess what's going on, and try to make it better. Thing is, what he wrote... He could've written it about me too. We're both so screwed up about the whole mess of living and loving. But we're still here. Still living and loving (and fighting and not talking and bitching and moaning and crying and laughing.)