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Alive and Kicking

You'd think with all this stay-at-home time I'd get a lot of stuff done. I don't. But I don't just sit around all the time either. I do stay-at-home type things like laundry, dishes, mopping... oh, and keeping the little one alive. Staying at home is very isolating. Especially when Mother Nature is hard at work making sure you're stuck in the house all the time, ALL THE TIME! Listen bitch... we get it! It's winter. You've made your point.

Oh sure, go walk at the mall, you say. Have you ever been to the mall at 1:30 in the afternoon on a weekday? A UTAH mall? Let's see... there's the mentally ill lady in the track suit. The Mormon lady with five kids under five who is about to be mentally ill. That older guy with the rather alarming lazy eye that seems to follow me like Mona Lisa's famous peepers. In the young department we have the noisy group of teens who walk five wide, obviously skipping school and more annoying than a butt zit. The whole scene is more depressing than those commercials for anti-depression drugs. You know, the ones with the sad violin music and the people sprawled out on couches or staring out rainy windows? Jesus, I wasn't depressed until I watched the commercial.

So anyway, yeah. It's isolating being at home all the time while Serge is at work. Next time I get knocked up I'm timing that shit so I give birth in May. I feel pretty brain dead most of the time. Whether from lack of sleep or because all my good vitamins are getting pumped into the The One Who Eats All The Time ALL THE TIME!

Oh look! It's snowing again.