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Famous Last Words

Morning sickness strikes with a vengeance. Puked for the first time on Saturday. I was rearranging our spare room (which will now also be the baby's room) when it struck me like a bolt of lightning. Damn near threw up on the carpet. Alas, managed to sprint to the loo and empty my Peaches & Cream oatmeal from a few hours before. I immediately felt better which is not like the morning sickness I remember. However, yesterday I was nauseous throughout the day but never upchucked. Am glad everyone at work knows I'm preggers else it would be all the more miserable trying to hide how crappy I feel. Today (Monday) is much better. Managed to take Max and Milo for an excellent walk at the dog park. Milo is getting so big! I need to snap some shots of him before I loose my little Puppy Mcpupperson forever.

So we hit up some yard sales over the weekend and struck gold. A couple who has two toddler sons was selling all their shit. Like, everything. A Bjorn Active that looked brand new was going for $50. We nabbed the Bjorn and a fantastic bassinette that you clip to the side of your bed to roll the baby into right from your comfy spot in bed watching Roseanne reruns. Yes, it did say that on the instruction manual. Did I tell you we bought a crib too? The kind that converts into a toddler bed and eventually a twin bed frame? I know, I know... Serge says it's bad karma to buy it all so soon, but DAMN, do you know how expensive a crib and a Bjorn and a bassinette (can someone please tell me how to spell basinnette? Always with the S's and the N's and the T's, it's worse than Massachusetts!) are? We got ours second-hand and the shit is like new. I'm going to order a bunch of baby slings and wraps etc. I totally want to be a baby wearing mama. I want my lil Lentil Bean touching me at all times. This week Lentil Bean, next week Blueberry. I think I was a week ahead last time.

Also, no and fuck you I'm not going to morph into some God awful mommyblogger who will not shut up about her kids already. Or maybe I will but fuck you just the same. Keep in mind this is my blog and not some business endeavor and yes I do get offended if you leave shitty comments because you are not invited to. Just because something is public doesn't mean it's an open invitation for your non-constructive criticism. I say this because I accidentally left comments open on this little video spoof of Six Feet Under I made of my life and my GOD, what a bunch of douchebags some of you are. Seriously! Scorsese I'm not! Was just having fun and what the fuck it's videos and blogs and bullshit, not a fucking submission for an Emmy. JESUS. Some of y'all are evil little bastards out there hiding behind your monitors. I actually feel bad for you though because you've got to be a mess and feeling like ass to leave comments like that.

Also, about mommyblogging. I have been diligently reading the mommyblogs now and I understand the obsession. When things like slings, strollers, carseats etc. are first and foremost on your mind you tend not to give a shit for the blogger who is knocking himself out every day to entertain a few strangers with his witty anecdotes and observations. I don't have time for that shit right now, Bub! Enough with the carefully thought out hilarity and just tell me what FUCKING STROLLER TO GET ALREADY!