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I See You

Until now I've only seen you on ultrasound. This past weekend, the weekend your Pop and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary, I saw you. I was watching t.v. and you were rolling around like a gymnast doing a floor routine at the Olympics... and then I saw you. My stomach went bump, bump, skin stretching taut beneath your little kicks and punches. Confirmation, live, visual confirmation that you are in there living, and thinking and moving and stretching! You are six months along now. You look like a tiny, little baby with eyelashes and eyebrows and little finger and toenails.

You are wiggling around right now! Right this second. You're just like your Mama; active at night and sleepy during the day. You and me up late, hanging out together. Pop, that pansy, turns in early. He's an early riser, that one. Boom! Boom! There you go again! I love it.

Your room is almost ready. Pop and I repainted and old dresser we got at a yard sale. I screwed on some shiny, new knobs and pasted some contact paper inside the drawers and voila! The perfect drawer for all your adorable, little clothes. Your crib is all set up, your changing table, a brand new carseat is waiting for your tiny body. Soon we'll buy a rocking chair to sit in by the window with you and rock you to sleep. I spend a lot of time in your room. I like to be there, thinking about what it will be like when you're in there sleeping (or keeping us awake with your lusty cries!) 6 months down, 3 to go!