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Is It Time Yet?

Single digits! Am down to single digits. Due date is next week. Oh my. I'm so miserable that I haven't really fully metabolized the fact that my whole life is about to change in one week. That life will forever be marked with before and after this event. Perhaps it's my brain's way of easing me into this transition. It won't allow me to really think about it.

I've heard that hospital pillows suck and if you're someone who, you know, likes to be comfortable you should bring your own pillow. One of the gifts Serge presented me with at Christmas was a pillow case. He'd gone to the trouble to have someone embroider a black lab on it with the words, "Monica, it's time!". Now, whenever I call Serge at work, get up at night or just roll over in bed he says, Is it time yet!?" It makes me laugh. And also want to punch him in the head.

I've stalled out at about 170 pounds. Which means the total weight gain for this pregnancy is about 45 to 50 pounds. I'm fairly surprised by that considering I've yakked at least twice a day for about 8 months now. Where is the weight coming from? I can't keep a damn thing down.

I have my 39 week appointment Friday. Last week the doctor mentioned she may want to strip my membranes at this appointment. No, that's doesn't mean take off my clothes you idiots... although it does involve sticking what feels like her entire arm inside my body, it most certainly isn't sexual. It's a quick procedure that can help bring on labor... so maybe this weekend will yield some action.

I spend a lot of time wondering what she looks like. Is she bald? Blonde? Dark hair? I had a full head of dark hair when born and then it turned white by the time I was two. Serge had blondish hair as a toddler as well. Will her eyes be blue like mine or hazelish like her Dad? Will she look just like one of us or will she be a combination. Or will she look like the mailman? I'm anxious to meet her.