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It's About To Get Magical Up In Here

Your entire life has been a lie. No, really. You're about to see some shit that is going to blow your mind and change the way you live.

15 everyday product uses that you can show your friends and family to force them to respect you as the badass you've always known yourself to be.

Next time you're with friends at the movie theater you will butter your popcorn like a motherfucking BOSS. Next time you want that 2-liter of soda in your fridge to stay bubbly forever instead of turning flatter than Keira Knightley ten minutes after being opened you will KNOW how to get fizzy with it. And you can amaze your friends and family when you MacGyver that scratched DVD with a banana. What I mean is, if you learned just one of these things today you would consider today a magical day and I'm giving you FIFTEEN. Happy weekend.