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Mayday, Mayday!

Devil dog.

And not the kind you eat, the kind that eats everything. Shoes, books, the flowers you just planted. Oh, Milo's a sweet pea to be sure. But oh my God I forgot how hard it is to have a puppy. And Max... all the moping and sad eyes that accuse how could you do this to me. I thought it was just fine, the three of us and now this? What did I do wrong? Just tell me and I'll fix it and then we can take him back.

Conversations between Serge and me are all did he poop was it in the house is Max warming up to him yet did he poop he pooped on the floor did you walk him when he pooped did you give him a treat did he poop did you walk him did he poop did he poop did he poop.

Gotta go, devil dog is using my computer cord as an appetizer for the coffee table he's sure to chew on later.