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New Jersey Never Looked So Good

To my dispair, I can say goodbye to paranoid fantasies of getting whacked, cravings for Lean Cuisine Spaghetti and Meatballs, drinking cheap wine (you know, to feel like one of The Family) strangely erotic dreams involving James Gandolfini and staying up until 4am to watch "just one more episode."

I have finished Netflixing the entire series of The Sopranos. Somehow, by sticking my fingers in my ears and shrieking LA LA LA LA LA LA until everyone at work thinks I have Tourettes, I avoided hearing every Tom, Dick and Harry's theory on whether the ending was good or bad.

Anyway, Serge is home and my love affair with The Sopranos is over. How will I fill my time now? Go outside? Exercise? Communicate with Serge....?

I hear Deadwood is good. And there's always the entire series of My So Called Life Mom bought me for Christmas. I can reminisce about the good ol' days... You know, when I was going to marry Jordan Catalano. Before Jared Leto wore eyeliner and dated that jack-o-lantern Cameron Diaz, fooled around with Lindsay Lohan and one of those bag lady Olsen twins - I forget which one. Angela Chase is your true love, dammit! Don't you know? And if it isn't her it was me. I had a deal with God! If you ended up with Angela Chase I would be with Cory Haim! And we would live next door and our kids would play together and we would barbeque every Sunday. How could you not know!?