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Oh My

On Friday, September 5 I learned that you are a girl. A GIRL! Oh my. Your Pop and I went to the ultrasound, pretty sure we wanted to know. Earlier we had decided not to find out, but I'm glad we did. I thought you were a boy. I really did. So I'm glad I corrected my train of thought and can actually think of you as you really are.

The utlrasound technician measured your little arms and your little legs and all the rest of your little parts. It was tough for me to see, at my angle, all the shots of you. Pop couldn't believe his eyes though. From his vantage point he could make out everything. He had these big eyes and a giant grin pasted across his face the whole time.
"I knew it was a girl!" He said. "I didn't want to say anything, but I wanted a girl."
At one point the technician was trying to make sure your kidneys were in their proper place. "I can't see them", she said. "Her little hand is in the way."
"Oh boy." I said. "In existence only 5 months and she's already got her hand on hip." Your pop laughed.

At the end of the ultrasound she turned the monitor directly to me and tried to get a shot of your entire body. She pointed out your head, your little xylophone of a spine, your tiny legs. You were laying there, your legs crossed at the ankle. I looked down and noticed that's how I was laying too. It made me smile, My little girl, already mimicking Mama.
Where are her arms?" I wanted to know. "I can't see them."
"They're down at her sides." The technician said.
"How come I can't see her profile?"
"She's looking in, toward your spine. So that's the back of her head."
I was disappointed. I wanted to see my little girl's face. Or at least a little hand waving. But you were just relaxing in there, totally mellow, ankles crossed. "Move for Mama!" I though in my head. Just then you turned your head toward us... seemingly looking directly out my belly button, right at your anxious parents. Your little mouth opened and closed... Hello Mama and Pop, you seemed to say.

And my heart exploded.