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Playroom Makeover

I keep wanting to downplay these little makeovers I'm showing you because I know they are no great shakes so it's almost embarrassing to post these. But hey! I'm doing what I can over here on a limited budget in a really old house with a gazillion layers of wallpaper on every wall. I have kind of always fancied myself as a ghetto blogger anyway. Taught myself HTML coding and kind of built this website from a very basic design on Squarespace... which I'm sure you can tell as I still don't really know what in the hell I'm doing. Anyone wanna give my website a makeover for some free publicity? I ain't above asking.

Anyway, here then, is the playroom makeover we did a few weeks ago. It took about four days, most of which involved tearing down wallpaper and patching the walls. I really, really want to get new carpet in here but, as a renter, can't really justify the expense. So we'll keep the ratty, old Berber for now.

I posted it on Babble because a slideshow seemed the best way to go with so many photos. If I have one regret it's that I didn't go with my gut and get brighter colored curtains. I wanted yellow because it's a fun playroom color but Serge said that would look stupid from the outside and I asked why and he said because yellow is a playroom color and I said yes, that's right, and it's a PLAYROOM, and he said but this is a front room of the house and yellow would look weird on a major front window and I said yellow is a perfectly legitimate color, what did it ever do to you and then he said something else that I don't recall just now and then I gave up and bought white curtains. But looking at the photos now, I still think a bright yellow would be fun. What do you think?

Hank the Tank says: Click HERE if you want to see my playroom!