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Dear Monica,

Thank you for sending THE GIRL WHO and of course to ***** for the kind referral. Given the subject matter, and of course, your background and connection to *****, I was thrilled to read this.

First, congratulations on the progress you’ve made. Writing is such an arduous, complex process, you should be very proud of your achievement. There were several elements I enjoyed, particularly how authentic this felt. However, as much as I liked about elements of your work, I’m afraid that I wasn't as invested enough with the story, in its entirety as laid out here, as I'd hoped. Given this and how tough the current market to crack, I'm not 100% confident that I would be able to find the right home for your work.

I am sorry to convey disappointing news. I think you're very talented and appreciate you thinking of me. As you know, this is a business of opinions and mine is but one. I’m sure you’ll find someone soon who is a perfect fit for your work, so please don’t take this letter as a discouragement.

I wish you every success.

Best regards,

*** *****