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Sooo... That Happened

Humor. It's one of the only ways both Serge and I have made it through the last couple months. Hell, it's the only way we made it through the past decade. Spend ten years with someone and you have a shared humor that can't be matched. Inside jokes, funny asides, being able to step outside the vortex of separation and make fun of ourselves and what absolute fucking assholes we became in our marriage, it's been huge for us.

One of the ways Serge dealt with our separation was by working out like a mad man. To be honest, it kind of pissed me off. NOW you're going to develop abs of steel? NOW? But whatever. He recently wrote this thing over on Separating, Together that made me laugh out loud and then nearly cry. I will always love to read the stuff Serge writes. Over the past couple years reading what he writes has been one of the only ways I was able to learn what was going on with him, how he really felt and thought.

That said, brace yo-selves.

"I didn’t hesitate to send it to her, to Monica — that’s the funny thing, really. I was actually excited to jam it in her inbox. That sounds dirty, huh? That says a lot about my confusion, I think. But so be it. I sent it off. No caption, no words. Just me, shirtless. Send. What a button, huh? It’s such a line in the sand. Whole careers and friendships and love affairs and even murders, so many of them come down to someone simply hitting send or not."

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