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Stepping Outside The Bubble But Only For A Second

My heart is full as I sit on my couch watching my daughter rock back and forth in her little swing. Thank you so much for all your kind emails and gifts! It was so much fun to get a package in the mail at least once or twice a week for so many months. And the emails! Y'all are just so supportive and sweet and I can't thank you enough. Except for anyone who told me to "stock up on sleep while I can." Seriously, every parent should stop dispensing that advise. As if we can somehow store sleep away and pull it out of a drawer when the baby is mid-shriek at 3 in the morning.

So, the higher power does love me. After such a miserable pregnancy I do believe I have the perfect little one. Took to breastfeeding (there is a long story here but for another time) like a champion... must get her love of giant boobies from her Pop. She's on a schedule and although I haven't really nabbed more than three consecutive hours of sleep between the feeding and the pumping and the feeding and the pumping and the feeding and the pumping and the diaper changing and the feeding and the changing - I don't mind. I was meant for this. I feel happier than I have in a long time and can't really comprehend how different life is for us.

And Serge, my dear, sweet Serge. Wow. This man was meant to be a Dad. I am so lucky to be able to co-parent with this guy. Not only is he the funniest, sweetest, loveliest Dad, he has cooked dinner every, single night this week. And not just dinner! I'm talking dinner. Fish atop couscous, spaghetti and meatballs, some sort of gourmet kabob type item, chicken tacos, the works!

Anyway - I'm working on writing Violet's birth story and taking scads of photos. Of course I know that only Serge and I and maybe the Grandmas will take the time to wade through them all I've still uploaded them to Flickr as a safety precaution... kind of a back up to our back up. Unless, you know, you wanna come over for a 7 hour slide presentation of our time with Violet. Here she is sitting on Pop's lap, here she is with Mom, and oh look! Here she is back on Pop's lap but her expression is slightly different in this one. Here she is in her crib and oh look at this one! And this one! And this one! It would be fascinating for you, no? We can totally hook you up.