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Thunder Pie

Last night was bad. Very bad. I've decided I'm no longer going to sugarcoat what goes on chez Bielanko. We are NOT doing well. Perhaps it's because we're still adjusting to the new baby. Perhaps we aren't "meant to be" as those relationship destroyers The Romantics like to say. Whatever the case may be, tonight, Serge is sleeping in the guest bedroom. And I'm glad.

We are speaking today. I go back to work tomorrow. Looking forward to it and also plan on crying my eyes out as I've not been away from my little Violet since the minute she was born.

Serge says he's up to the task of caring for our greatest creation. And guess what? You'll find out. He has started a blog to chronicle his transition into the fatherhood. I'm sure you'll also be privy to amazing anecdotes about what an asshole I am. I've told him he's welcome to write whatever in god's name he wants about me. ANYTHING. So grab your popcorn and milk duds, he's a much better writer than I am. And he allows comments. Just remember darling, sweetheart, LIGHT OF MY FUCKING LIFE, I've got a blog over here as well.

So, welcome to he said, she said. We'll see how it all turns out.