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We Got This

I can feel it in my bones. C'mon young folks... get it on... listen to P-Diddy or Scarlett Johanssen or Justin Timberlake or whoever floats your boat. But get your asses out there tomorrow and rock the vote! We got this. It's our time now. The baton is being handed off... be ready to pick it up and let's run with this motherfucker.

Also, Mormons... Seriously? Spending millions to support a gay marriage ban in California? Really? Millions you raised from your members' tithing offerings? Tithing. Hmmm... that's kind of like taxes, right? Taxes you collect to redistribute to the needy? Kind of like what Barack Obama wants to do? Oh but you use your taxes to build ridiculously ornate temples and hammer home messages of hate and inequality to gay people. Because y'all have always been all about marriage being between ONE man and ONE woman, right? Y'all spend so much time talking about your history of persecution regarding your religious beliefs - specifically about marriage... you know, back when you practiced polygamy and got kicked out of Missouri? And Illinois? So I guess now you just wanna spread the persecution all around? Congratulations on wasting millions on spreading your message of persecution! If anyone should understand being persecuted for who (or how many) they decide to marry, shouldn't it be y'all?

Once again, you make me proud to call myself a recovering Mormon. Britney can get married for a few hours in Vegas, Liz Taylor can do her thing, hell - Larry King can marry more times than Joseph Smith had wives... and you aren't spending millions to pass laws against that... that apparently doesn't affect what you call the sanctity of marriage. But two gay folks who are in love can't call it marriage? Maybe you should fast about it some more because methinks you ain't getting the right message from your main man, the prophet.

Obama will win tomorrow. Which means America will win. Finally.