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Yes, We Can.

Whatever your beliefs... V-O-T-E

Today... as I ease into my third trimester, after hearing the wooshwooshwoosh of our daughter's heartbeat, my husband and I voted. I am proud. Proud to live in this country, proud to be an American. Today is the first day in a decade of change. Progression. I want my daughter to know how important this vote was to her parents. How crucial it is to care about your country and your fellow man and making the world a better place for everyone.

As a friend of mine opines: i believe in progressive taxation. i believe in a strong military. i believe health care is a right. i believe you have the right to bear arms. i believe in the city. i believe in choice. i believe in rational intervention. i believe in leaving me the fuck alone. i believe in competition. i believe in knocking out bullies. i believe in protecting my family. i believe in the individual. i believe in the collective. i believe in humility. i believe in fairness. i believe in temperament. i believe in reason. i believe in ideas. i believe in the restoration of dignity. i believe in the land of hope and effin' dreams. Today is day one.